That Blooming Aloe Vera

Aloe in Bloom
Aloe in Bloom

I’m going to show my ignorance — and certainly my ignorance runs deep! — and admit that I never knew that Aloe Vera plants bloom. Actually the thought had never even crossed my mind. Until one day, there it was, a tall stalk bearing a cluster of beautiful orange and yellow flowers! It seemed to happen virtually overnight. The blooms have hung around for about a month now, but since the plant had to be moved into the garage due to recent sub-freezing weather, I’m sure we’ve seen the last of the them for the time being. I was truly astounded to see this plant flowering, as I’ve grown Aloe Vera plants for more years than I can count and have never seen any of them bloom. My research (I have to research everything these days!) indicates that the plants begin flowering once they reach maturity at about four years of age — which leaves me wondering whether continual re-potting due to their quick growing habits tends to cut back on their opportunities to bloom. Today’s garden resolution? Cut back on the re-potting!


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