My List Of Winter and Early Spring Gardening Resolutions

Potted Plants Moved Into Garage
Outdoor Potted Plants Have Been Moved Into Garage

I decided to get ahead of myself with regards to resolutions for the new year by creating a gardening resolution list for this winter and spring. Since the winter solstice won’t occur until 5:03 PM Central Time on December 21st I figure I still have a few weeks to complete my list. Here it is thus far in no particular order:

  • Move outdoor potted plants into the garage for the winter
  • Mulch-mow and spread fallen leaves when the weather permits
  • Construct a ‘bug hotel’
  • Plant daffodil bulbs (3 bags x 24 bulbs)
  • Transplant red spider lilies into sunny location
  • Buy food for birds and squirrels (a never-ending chore!)
  • Repair broken suet feeders
  • Begin work on a ‘bottle tree’
  • Transplant some garlic from its ever-expanding current patch
  • Transplant daylilies from shady to sunny locations
  • Continue work on transplanting iris
  • Plant milkweed and parsley for butterflies
  • Order some miscellaneous seeds to try out
  • Upgrade compost bin
  • Plan-out some small areas in the front yard to plant natives and eliminate more grass
  • Plant a native shrub with berries for wildlife

I’m sure I’ll come up with a few others before December 21!

While I usually have some idea of which gardening chores I need take care of during the winter and spring, I’ve never set them in stone before, so to speak. Perhaps this year I’ll actually get these chores done, since I plan to return to this list frequently over the next several months to make note of which ones I’ve accomplished. Actually, several have already been taken care of: the outdoor plants are in the garage, the daffodils have been planted, the broken suet feeders have been repaired and hung and food has been purchased for the birds and squirrels (enough for a few weeks at least!).

Food For Birds and Squirrels Has Been purchased (Enough For Now Anyway!)
Repair Suet Feeders - DONE
These Suet Feeders Have Been Repaired and Hung

What are your gardening resolutions for this winter and spring? I’d love to hear them. Maybe they’ll give me some more ideas!

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