Holiday Cactus and Kalanchoe — I Just Couldn’t Help Myself!

Kalanchoe and Christmas Cactus
Kalanchoe and Holiday Cactus

We’ve all been there. We go into a store looking for a certain few necessities and come out with items we never planned on buying. With me it’s usually plants. Last week I stopped in at “America’s largest retailer” — whose name I won’t mention — to check some prices. Naturally I entered through the gardening section, which was my first mistake. I picked up a pretty Christmas Cactus with pale pink blooms. Or more likely a Thanksgiving Cactus. Putting it down I picked up several more, figuring the more I looked the more likely it was that I’d find the best specimen. I finally decided on the one I’d originally picked up, placed it in my basket and went about my business. After finding the pricing information I wanted, and picking up some small bags of bird seed that I didn’t really need (but which were on sale), I headed back to the gardening department to pay. I exchanged the pink-flowering cactus for a red-flowering cactus. I also coveted a potted Norfolk Pine which, thankfully, I was able to resist. I shouldn’t have purchased the cactus. It’ll have to be kept in the garage until spring if for no other reason than to keep Angus the Cat from chewing on its leaves.

This week I was lured by a basket of marked-down plants at the grocery store. It was situated right by the door so I couldn’t help but see it, filled with Kalanchoe plants exhibiting blooms of various colors. I settled on yellow. Another plant I didn’t need. But, hey! They were on sale for $1.50. It would have been silly of me not to buy at least one, right? After all, I was probably saving its life. It’s now in the garage, keeping the holiday cactus company. Spring can’t come soon enough.

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