Year End Garden Review 2014

This past year our garden suffered through a fourth consecutive year of drought, though our rainfall total was a bit up from 2013. It’s still a wonder that anything prospered! I’ve put together a slideshow to highlight just a few things that happened or grew around the yard and garden this past year.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I was adding the photos to the slideshow it suddenly struck me that most of my flowers are purple or pink! And just looking at them makes me wish spring was already here.

Here’s wishing everyone a very wonderful 2015 . . . and good gardening luck!

10 thoughts on “Year End Garden Review 2014

    • Thank you! Same here. We’ve had some snowflakes and freezing rain over the past several days. Today it’s just rain, so far, with the temperature just above freezing, but we’re supposed to get some sort of mix tonight. While I was out running errands today one of the local stores had the prettiest primroses for $1.99. I was so tempted!


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