A Puzzle Of A Garden

Spring Garden Gate
Spring Garden Gate
In the midst of winter
When the weather gets dreary,
As the garden lies sleeping
And my green thumb grows weary,
I reach for a box
That lies on the shelf,
Say “to housework a pox!”
And enjoy myself…

Okay, I realize it’s not exactly Shakespeare! Just a quick thought on another of my vices — besides gardening.  We all have those days, especially at this time of the year in the northern hemisphere, when no matter how much we want to be outside doing something in the garden, it’s just not possible. What do I do on days like that? I leave my pajamas on, forget about the housework (a pretty easy task, actually) and pull out a jigsaw puzzle. The one pictured here I bought as a present to myself at Christmas. I’ve resisted it thus far, but when the next soggy, overcast, rainy, cold day rolls around the pieces will be poured out on the table and I’ll get at it. Not the real thing, but close to it! Anybody else out there with a secret vice you use to distract yourself on days like this?

12 thoughts on “A Puzzle Of A Garden

  1. Ah, I love puzzling! I’ve been wanting to get a puzzle out, but have resisted the urge so far. Not out of nobility, actually, but because the table I usually use is needing repairs and I haven’t gotten around to buying a folding table I can use in its place. Meanwhile I have lots of photos to edit and closet/basement-cleaning that needs to be done…. Those, though, aren’t nearly as relaxing as putting a puzzle together. Enjoy!

    By the way, you’ve snagged the perfect size puzzle, in my biased opinion!


  2. Oh, boy do I love a good puzzle! I have a very large collection, which my spouse wants me to cull, but somehow can’t. They are all escapes to gardens, beautiful landscapes in all seasons, with a few cobbled stone European village scenes. I will also do puzzles on my computer and solitaire, too, another weakness! I enjoy reading as well, and of course, blogging! Housework? What’s that? 😉


  3. Have fun, it’s been ages since I last did a jigsaw puzzle. I used to have an elderly neighbour who did them all the time, mostly pictures of English cottage gardens which she said reminded her of her youth.
    On a day like that I’ll happily spend it sofa flying with a good book, probably a cosy crime novel, along with a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits. xx


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