A Garden-Friendly Deer


A few years ago I bought a steel wire-frame reindeer at a garage sale — the type that people usually attach lights to and place in their yards at Christmas. I think I paid $2.00 for it, not sure what I’d use it for but thinking it would make a great addition to my garden. It’s been sitting somewhere in the back yard ever since, with the birds getting the most enjoyment out of it by using it as a perching place. Then the other day, as I was looking for another spot to place some suet, I spied the deer. The light bulb went on in my head. Why not use the deer as a suet feeder?


After moving the deer to a location close to some overhanging bushes, I searched the shed and found a board that fit the inside of the deer almost perfectly. I slid it into place, resting it against the wire until it fit snugly. Then I just dumped the suet on the board and added a handful of seed.


It didn’t take long for the “deer feeder” to become popular with the local sparrows! I’m hoping that the wire of the frame is set close enough together that it helps keep the larger birds, like the doves and grackles, out of the feeder and allows the smaller birds a more enjoyable time while feeding.


Are there others who are as happy as I am when garage sale “season” begins each year? Do you have some good ideas to pass along about items to look for and what to make out of them when it comes to garden ornaments or supplies? I pick up quite a few items at garage sales during the spring and summer. Some go straight into my garden, such as flower pots or gazing balls, but others sit around for a while before I finally find a good use for them, like this garden-friendly deer!


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