End Of The Month Musings: Summer’s Blooms Revisited

There isn’t a lot going on in my garden at this time of year. It’s reached that waiting point. Waiting for something to happen. Isn’t that what we gardeners do year-round? In the winter we wait for the new year to come so we can begin starting plants indoors. Then we wait for spring to arrive. When spring gets here we wait for the sprouts to begin erupting from the soil. We keep an eye on them seemingly day and night, knowing exactly when each type of plant is supposed to come up. The spring annuals. The summer perennials. The fall flowers. We wait for the leaves on the trees and shrubs to emerge. We watch as the flowers finally begin to bloom and we continue to watch as they fade away. Then winter arrives again and we start all over. Waiting. Don’t you find that gardening takes a lot of patient waiting?

My garden is bare. There are a few plants that have remained green all winter, but they’re beginning to look a bit puny. As a matter of fact my garden looks a little sad at this point. It’s difficult to look at it and remember how it appeared last spring and summer and fall. So I decided to do the next best thing — I went through the garden photos I took last year and decided to post some of them. I guess I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. And I’m waiting.

12 thoughts on “End Of The Month Musings: Summer’s Blooms Revisited

  1. You have a lot worth waiting for. Your photos reminded me in a particularly specific way of a couple of bloom displays I am hoping to see in the months to come. I added a red coneflower to my beds last year and since then have put out a fair amount of blanketflower seed. I’ll be thrilled if I can add both of them to my own gallery of plant photos once winter lets up.


    • Good luck with your seeds! I really like the coneflowers. They grow almost anywhere and are very hardy. Plus they seem to bloom forever. Mine made quite a lot of seed this past year. I scattered some of it, and with some I just planted the entire seedhead. Hopefully some new plants will come up this spring. I have a package of blanketflower seeds — says 5,000 but I’m not going to hold my breath on that — that I think I’ll plant half of this spring and half in the fall. If just a portion comes up and reseeds I’ll be happy.


    • We all need some cheer now and again! And I second your thoughts on the blooming good year! Stay warm. We have a pretty stout breeze today also thanks to a cold front, but we got some needed rain so I’m not even going to think about complaining!


  2. A beautiful and poignant post.

    When winter comes, I switch much of my attention to feeding the birds. I can watch my feeders from my kitchen window, which keeps me warm and cozy but lets my attention focus outdoors.

    I’m also sorting through the photos of blooms and bugs from last spring-summer-fall. Lots of work to do there. In fact, I almost hope spring doesn’t come too fast!


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