It’s Been Raining…

…and raining. And raining. According to the National Weather Service we’ve received 7.68 inches of rain for the month of May (through May 13), compared to a normal average of 1.48 inches for the same period. And that’s just the official rainfall total. We’ve dumped over 10 inches from our rain gauge over the past 10 days. Areas just a few miles to the south of us received up to 8 inches in just one evening last week.

This is a view behind our back fence several hours after one line of storms went through last Thursday. The water had been all the way up to our fence and into the back yard…

Behind Fence May 8, 2015

Here’s the rain gauge before it was emptied following a couple rounds of thunderstorms…


Needless to say, I haven’t been “properly” in my garden for a week as it’s either been raining or the ground has been too wet and mushy to walk on. I have plants that need to be staked because they’re falling all over themselves and others that need to be saved from the muck. Please tell me I’m not the only gardener who goes out after rains and attempts to “unstick” her flowers from the ground!?

The really good thing about all this rain? The combined water levels of the three lakes from which all of our consumable water comes has risen to 52% — up from 22.5% just ten days ago! With more storms and heavy rainfall predicted beginning tonight, and lasting through the weekend, these water levels should continue to rise. Also, our drought classification has been lowered by the NWS from “exceptional” — the highest level there is, and which we’ve been in since April 2011 — to “severe”. All good news!

Texas Drought Monitor Map - May 15, 2015
Texas Drought Monitor Map – May 15, 2015
The U.S. Drought Monitor is jointly produced by the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Map courtesy of NDMC-UNL.

For detailed drought information visit the the United States Drought Monitor site.


18 thoughts on “It’s Been Raining…

  1. I’ve been conflicted, but only the teensiest bit. I wish it wouldn’t rain all in one month, but that said these rains, spread out over several days the way they’ve been, are soaking in pretty well, especially for our poor beleaguered trees. I’d love a chance to get out and work in my beds a little more, but aside from two nursery gifts that I planted today I’m staying out of my beds until things dry out a little more.

    Let’s hear it for May rains!


    • I’m all for getting as much rain as we can as long as there’s no flooding. So far that’s been the really bad part about the rain we’ve had. I just wish we could spread the remainder out so that we get a good soaking twice a week. Getting our lakes filled is the top priority. Once that happens I guess we’ll take what we can get! According to the weather report this evening we’re expecting anywhere from 3 to 7 inches over the next two days….


    • For several months the weather folks were on again/off again about El Nino. Lately we haven’t heard much about it around here. The last I read it wasn’t supposed to help us out any as far as rain goes, and it hasn’t been mentioned on the news or weather reports. So…I don’t know!


  2. I live near Lewisville Lake. The lake begins to flood the sourrounding areas as well. Last time I checked, it was five feet above normal. But this was two days ago. They release water from Lake Ray Roberts into the Elm Fork River, which flows into Lewisville Lake. Right now, the floodgate is “only” halfway open. If it keeps coming, they need to open it all the way. Fun stuff! Reminds me of the year 2007, when we had the last flood here in the Metroplex area.


  3. I know you need the rain but it’s not much fun all together, I live in a wet area with lots of underground streams, the land is wet in some places all year round. We got rid of the lawn as I was fed up of the mud been trapped into the house by the children and the dog. When it does dry out it looks like concrete. Fingers crossed we have the right balance at the moment.
    Amanda xx


    • Truly important! Hopefully we’ve all learned a lot during this dry period and will continue with our water conservation. Although…some people are actually asking if they can fill their swimming pools! We still need more water in the lakes, and most folks are hoping the city council keeps us in stage 5 drought watch (the highest stage) a while longer so the lakes have a chance to fill further. For all we know, this might be the only rain we get for another six months!


  4. I do go out and try to prop things up after the rain. haha For all it’s worth! (not much)
    I am seriously so thrilled about this nice constant rain. I open the door and feel like I can breath again. It smells like worms and healthy soil.


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