More Asiatic Lilies

I wasn’t planning on posting today. With a rare day of sunshine and dryness at my disposal my plan was to wander over to my parents’ house after supper and mow their back yard before another round of rain set in.

Too late. Storms began coming through within minutes after my husband and I finished eating. Rain, hail, wet grass, electric mower — not a good combination! Then the Dish went out. Again. It will be gone tomorrow after over eight years with their service, but enough is enough. So I decided to sit down at the computer and post a few photos of my Asiatic Lilies (Lilium asiatic) that I was able to take this afternoon.

Here are a few facts about Asiatic Lilies (Lilium asiatic):

  • There are no “true” blue Asiatic Lilies, but they come in just about any other color you can imagine.
  • Asiatic Lilies are perennials.
  • They like well drained areas in full sun.
  • Their bulbs should be divided every three to four years.
  • Pests include lily beetles, slugs, snails, aphids, rabbits and molds.

There are many varieties of Asiatic Lilies, with wonderfully descriptive names. I have no idea whether mine have names or not. I usually purchase a couple of bags of “no name” bulbs each year and plant them in areas that need to be filled in. They’re easy to grow — I don’t think I’ve ever killed one! — and they come back year after year. They like full sun, which is a bonus!

More Rain
More Rain

We received almost another inch of rain as I wrote this post and another large storm is almost upon us. The first storm came at us from due south, the current one is coming from the west. How strange! I’m sure this mess will end eventually. Perhaps we could send it to California. I hear they need rain…

12 thoughts on “More Asiatic Lilies

  1. Sorry to read you are continuing to get rain -thankfully it was dry here yesterday. The first day we could really get out to assess and potentially address some drainage issues. Your lilies are gorgeous! I have a ditch daylily I’ve transplanted several times to get it enough sun to bloom and ironically in all this rain it seems to finally be on the verge. We are out of town this weekend and I’m hopeful it will bloom either before we leave or after our return. After years of waiting I don’t want to miss the show.


    • The front finally made it through and got rid of the rain. We had beautiful sun and skies of blue today. The sun was awfully bright, though! I think I have some of the lilies you’re talking about. They get quite tall and have orange flowers?? I hope to get outside tomorrow and get some work done!


    • Thanks, and yes we’re fed up with the rain. But we can’t really complain because we needed it desperately. Our lakes are finally full again and our drought is officially over! Oh, the dish? Eh. Satellite TV. Every time it rains, snows, lightenings or someone sneezes, the reception goes out. We finally got rid of it. I think my husband went through mini-withdrawel symptoms but it didn’t last long! πŸ™‚


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