Wordless Wednesday: Superb Green Cicada

Superb Green Cicada (Tibicen superba)Superb Green Cicada (Tibicen superba)

Cicada ShellCicada Shell…..

Cicada Shell…..also called a Nymph Skin

10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Superb Green Cicada

  1. Great shots! I love these guys. They are essential to my summertime out-of-doors sound track, though I don’t appreciate how they will slam into you and bounce off, oblivious. Occasionally I’ll see a bird chasing one through the air and I’m not always sure who I’m rooting for.


    • In my opinion their sound is like music to the ears. They’ve really been flying around in swarms, as is evidenced by the increase in the Kites roaming the skies. Usually there might be a half dozen in sight; now with the Cicadas out you might see a dozen or more Kites circling above snapping them up. I wonder if the Kites work together to round up the insects to increase their chances of catching them?


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