The Gas Man Cometh

New Gas Meter

Workers from Atmos Energy have been in the backyard the past two days, digging a really deep hole to access…something…and installing a brand new gas meter. Apparently this is something they’re doing to upgrade their system. I think it has something to do with wireless meter reading. The person who initially stopped by about a week ago to find out how to access our meter (he wasn’t local so he was unfamiliar with the area) said valves were being replaced. We weren’t expecting a new meter. But there it is. Bright and shiny and brand-spanking new!

And here’s the meter that was replaced. I wonder how old it was? Our house was built around 1958, and I’m guessing this was the original meter…so about 57 years old? Wow.

Old Gas Meter

While they were digging, the men removed some of the roots of a large shrub and cut back quite a few of its branches. I was worried the entire shrub might have to come out but they managed to work around it.

I’m sure the work disrupted the wildlife that regularly frequents the backyard — I know the Cardinals weren’t too happy! On the other hand, this Blue Jay enjoyed poking through the pile of trimmed branches.

Gas Meter Blue Jay

During a break in the action, this Robin picked through the upturned soil for some juicy worms!

Gas Meter Robin

Here’s another picture of the hole, showing parts of the roots that had to be sawed through.

Gas Meter Hole

The men did a great job of refilling the hole and cleaning up after themselves. They even dragged the pile of branches away. The area looks pretty bare now, not even a weed in sight. I’ll have to move the birdbath back in place and maybe toss a few flower seeds around, see what happens.

The Robin returned, searching for more delicacies, once things settled down.

Gas Meter Robin Again

Thanks Atmos guys for a job well done!

Gloves and Extinguisher


10 thoughts on “The Gas Man Cometh

  1. it’s nice to hear of workmen doing a good job, most people only talk about the bad stuff, I love the way some birds come wait when there is some digging and dive in looking for tasty morsels the moment the humans leave, Frances


  2. I kind of think we are being watched all the time by birds. They seem to know immediately when I pour seed into the feeder. And the grackles LOVE it when I cut the lawn. There is a female that likes to follow me when I do so. I suppose she is taking advantage of disturbed insects. I have to admit to feeling a bit smug about it. Last month I had a lawn mowing duel with my neighbour across the street. He was equipped with a gas powered mower, a mask across his face and ear phones to protect himself from the noise. I had my crappy falling apart reel mower and the female grackle! hahaha I kind of felt like Snow White. We finished at about the same time but I contend that I won the contest because efficiency is the least measure for these kinds of things.


    • Funny story! Sounds like a neighbor we have a few houses down. He does the same thing with the mask and earphones, plus wears a long-sleeved shirt and a bandana around his neck. I understand why he does it, but I still get a kick out of seeing him! I’ve made a habit of putting a few seeds in a hanging feeder for the “regular” birds as well as putting some sunflower seeds and kernels in a separate area for the cardinals every morning. I’m surprised at how quickly the cardinals get there. I barely turn my back and they’re at it.


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