Butterfly Bucket List Meme

I never knew what a meme was until curiosity got the best of me while visiting various gardening sites soon after I began my blog. I watched from afar for a while, then finally got up the courage to post to a few of them. I’ve never regretted it! The memes I follow, and those that I contribute to on either a regular or sporadic basis, are educational, informative, beautiful creations.

Recently, while trying to identify several butterflies that were visiting my garden, I decided to create a butterfly “bucket list” for myself. Everyone knows what a bucket list is, right? My bucket list goal is to search out and photograph all of the butterflies (and moths) that occur in the county in which I live. If and when I ever get that done I’ll expand beyond that point!

To help me in this endeavor I’m using the following websites as informational guides:

This meme was formed from my decision to create a Butterfly Bucket List for myself. Butterflies are an integral part of every garden. Not only do they aid in pollinating our garden flowers, they provide a beauty equal to and often surpassing the blooms we plant to attract them.

About this meme:

  • Posting Date: 4th Sunday of the month, but feel free to add a link to your butterfly post any time during the following week.
  • Linking Posts: If you’d like to take part just add a link to your post using the comment section of my monthly Butterfly Bucket List post so that others can visit your post.
  • Posting Guidelines: Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies. And moths! Please feel free to share a particular species or every species you’ve seen and photographed during the month. Caterpillars are also welcome!

If you do plan to participate in this meme, thank you and I hope you have a good time doing so! If you just stop by on occasion to see what’s here, you’re welcome anytime. Whichever you decide to do, please enjoy!

Please feel free to add the following image to your blog or website! If the embedded link doesn’t copy, please link the graphic to the Butterfly Bucket List Meme page on this site. Thanks!

Butterfly Bucket List Icon


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